July 8, 2013

What is V2X anyway? 
By Brian Daugherty

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication – commonly referred to as V2X – has received significant attention in the media recently and for good reason. During a recent CEA industry conference that focused on the connected vehicle, V2X became a major topic of discussion. These radio-based systems allow vehicles to “talk” to each other as well as with road infrastructure such as traffic signals, intersections and roadside devices.

Current production vehicles may use radar, vision and other sensors to understand the world around them. Based on this information, a driver can be warned of an imminent or potential threat. However, these Advanced Driver Awareness Systems (ADAS) can be quite expensive and may not work well in all weather conditions.

V2X provides automobiles another solution that is very similar to how an aircraft communicates its position to other aircraft and air traffic control. Like aircraft, equipped vehicles send a message out multiple times per second that can include important information like GPS position, speed, intended path and other data such as wheel slippage and brake rate. Electronic modules on properly equipped nearby vehicles can then plot the vehicle’s path and recommend action to the driver if a collision or other dangerous situation is about to occur. 

V2X can also supplement existing ADAS systems by providing additional inputs to corroborate what the radar and vision sensors are detecting and potentially allow those systems to issue earlier warnings. In addition to all-weather capability, one of the biggest advantages of V2X technology is cost. Since it is a short-range, 5.9 GHz radio-based technology, it is far less expensive than radar systems. For more information about V2X and potential use cases, check out this video.

(If you have trouble viewing the video above, you can also watch it on Visteon’s 
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The Telematics Update conference this week is devoted to topics around V2X. I’m looking forward to participating in the panel discussions as well as conversations with industry leaders. V2X is an exciting topic that will gain lots of momentum in the upcoming months and I expect to comment on the latest happenings with this technology. What about V2X most intrigues you?

Brian Daugherty is an associate director at Visteon Corporation and has global responsibilities for corporate advanced development and intellectual property. Recent projects in his 23-year career include V2X communications, advanced driver awareness systems (ADAS) and the optimization of Visteon’s patent portfolio. Based at Visteon’s corporate offices and innovation center in Van Buren Township, Mich., Daugherty also manages a number of industry and university partnerships.