May 17, 2017

The Hidden Value in Internships
By Joslyn R. Holmes, Human Resources Generalist

Gaining job experience through an internship should be seen as more than just a resume builder. It can often be the first step in your career. That is, if you choose your internship and invest in it wisely.

Internships can be competitive and for good reason. An internship allows you to become more familiar with the day-to-day knowledge, skills and requirements of your career focus and area. Particularly if this is your first internship, you’ll gain an understanding of the practical application of your education outside of the classroom.

One critical and sometimes overlooked benefit of an internship is the networking opportunities it creates. Being able to access, talk with, collaborate and work side-by-side with colleagues gives you a great opportunity to learn not only about the job itself, but also where your skills and career can take you.

If you feel strongly that your internship is a good fit for you – and your career path – internships are a natural way to get your foot in the door for future employment.

We’re told that Visteon’s internship program is valued because we focus on providing our interns hands-on career experience and growth. Engineering and other technical interns are given the opportunity to work on projects that are being developed for application in vehicles, such as infotainment and instrument clusters.

Part of the benefit of working on production projects is the chance to learn about initiatives and tools that may not be covered by your college curriculum. Different software, materials, applications and processes are all part of the knowledge interns can gain.

Real-world projects give Visteon interns visibility to more areas than some full-time employees – many times our interns have the opportunity to meet with our customers (automotive manufacturers) and get immediate feedback on their work. Our mentor program also provides access to senior managers to give greater opportunity for professional development outside of day-to-day responsibilities.

While it’s true that an internship can boost your resume – it does so much more. The benefits of an internship can be lifelong as you can establish relationships and develop good work habits that can continue throughout your career. Visteon takes pride in its internship program, and we work hard to ensure our interns are prepared to contribute to the growing field of vehicle electronics.

We welcome our 2017 summer interns. You are joining Visteon at an exciting time.  We hope that this is a valuable learning experience for you, and we are excited to incorporate your fresh ideas that will meet the changing needs of the automotive industry.

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Joslyn R. Holmes is a Human Resources professional proficient in multiple functional areas of Human Resources including: Talent Acquisition, Employee Relations and Training and Development. She holds a Master’s Degree and a Bachelor’s degree, both from Central Michigan University, in Human Resources Management. Joslyn brings over 10 years of in depth Human Resources knowledge to Visteon. She is based in Michigan at Grace Lake Corporate Center where she has responsibilities in Talent Acquisition and is currently the Intern Project Manager.  

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